The Foresight Alliance


Foresight Alliance is an innovative consulting firm that applies foresight, strategy, and research to build organizations’ resilience in today’s increasingly complex and fast-changing environment. The vision of the Foresight Alliance is to support and assist organizations to look beyond the current the present and anticipate and shape the  future by applying the disciplines of foresight in ways that inform strategy, stimulate innovation, and add to the bottom line.The Foresight Maturity Model was developed by Terry Grim while at Social Technologies. It is based on the work of leading futurists and the best practices that they have achieved in working with thousands of clients. The basis for the organization of this work can be found in Thinking About the Future, a book by Andy Hines and Dr. Peter Bishop.

Foresight Maturity Model Resources

Models and Methods
Environmental Scanning and Trend Analysis
Future Organizations
Additional Resources

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