Scenarios: Stories About the Future


Futurists use scenario development and scenario learning to deal both with what is predictable and what is uncertain. Scenario learning is a process and strategy for decision making. Scenario use in nursing is underdeveloped; implied in every vision is a scenario or two that needs to be made explicit. Stories about the future help people make decisions and choices in the present. They enable planners to ask "what if' questions given a particular story line that contains a set of explanations or logic that accounts for the rationales of the plots and the desired results. Scenario development helps persons consider the long view in the face of what is predicted and what is uncertain. Scenarios are perception devices that help manage the meaning of current and projected trends. They are valuable because they stimulate conversations and promote organizational learning. 

Scenarios Stories About the Future

Models and Methods
Environmental Scanning and Trend Analysis
Scenarios and reports

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