Re-Think Health and Foresight for Health Rippel Foundation Initiatives


The Vision of the Re-Think Health Initiative is  to create a new health system, by 2040,  that will help individuals, families, and neighborhoods thrive. It will be a system that fosters healthier, more resilient people and places. It will provide us with high-quality care when and where we need it, and it will value investment in our health and in our communities. No longer will we talk about what is wrong with our system; instead, we will rejoice in what we have achieved together and we will look forward to what else is possible. The web site provides models and tools  to help systems catalyze and develop systems thinking, foster more effective and broad-based stewardship teams, develop strategies for change, and offer diverse financing approaches so that change is sustainable over time.

Re-Think Health

Foresight for Health 

Models and Methods
Environmental Scanning and Trend Analysis
Scenarios and reports
Future Organizations

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