Guide Book for Nurse Futurists Institute for Alternative Futures


This guide book was developed by the International Council of Nurses (ICN ) in partnership with the Institute for Alternative Futures. It provides a step by step process for nurses to use  in creating scenarios about desired futures. The Exercises for National Nursing Associations (NNA) Planning are the centrepiece of this Guidebook. The other material will prepare you for the exercises, but it is doing the exercises that will clarify your aspirations and generate creative new ideas for your NNA. You can use the exercises as a starting point for a major strategic planning effort in your NNA, or you can use them more informally to generate ideas for new activities. However you use them, they will help you think further into the future than you ever usually do. Thinking further ahead will give you an opportunity to dream bigger dreams and come back to the present with a new perspective on what may be worth doing. 

Guide Book for Nurse Futurists -Institute for Alternative Futures

Models and Methods
Environmental Scanning and Trend Analysis
Scenarios and reports
Future Organizations

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