Acceleration Studies Foundation


The Acceleration Studies Foundation is an educational 501(c)(3) nonprofit engaged in outreach, education, research, and selective advocacy with respect to issues and processes of accelerating change. The organization helps communities, companies, and individuals improve their foresight capacity (innovation, creativity, strategy, planning, forecasting, and security) with respect to  - accelerating technological change. The objectives of the organization are 1) To promote a critical understanding of accelerating processes of planetary change, in service to societal, professional and personal evolutionary development. 2) To improve the methods individuals and organizations use to create, manage, and predict the future by advancing the emerging disciplines of acceleration studies, evolutionary development studies, and strategic foresight. 3) To broadly help individuals, organizations, and society to discover and create a future of "exponential promise".

Acceleration Studies Foundation

Future Salon Network

Foresight Education

Metaverse Roadmap: Pathways to the 3D Web

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Environmental Scanning and Trend Analysis
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