Foresight The Manual (United Nations Development Program)


This Manual is intended for decision and policy makers in developing countries and for development organisations interested in applying foresight methods to their policy, planning and innovation efforts. The first chapter describes four specific applications of foresight for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Chapter two gives some practical pointers and caveats for those initiating a foresight process. The third chapter provides some popular frameworks to conceptualize foresight events and gives a first glimpse of the many foresight methods available. The fourth chapter, lastly, gives an overview of some of the foresight methods that are currently in use. This overview does not claim to be complete or comprehensive; a quick internet search would throw up many more. The methods selected and presented, however, in combination with the preceding chapters, will enable governments and organisations to formulate and shape a successful foresight for development process.

Foresight the Manual

Theory and Concepts
Models and Methods
Environmental Scanning and Trend Analysis
Scenarios and reports

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