FOR LEARN Online Foresight Guide


The FOR-LEARN project aimed at consolidating and improving accessibility to Foresight knowledge and know-how, advancing Foresight knowledge and promoting Foresight throughout Europe. It is part of the European Foresight Knowledge Sharing Platform. The most important outcome of this project is the FOR-LEARN On-line Foresight Guide. It guides users throughout the critical steps of design, implementation and follow-up of a Foresight project and gives a description of the main methods that can be used. Clear and easy-to-access information is provided, with real case illustrative examples. It is today a unique resource on Foresight and its techniques, and it is used by the community of Foresight practitioners and by those who want to learn how to apply Foresight in policy development.

Why Do Foresight?

References and Resources

Theory and Concepts
Models and Methods
Environmental Scanning and Trend Analysis
Scenarios and reports
Future Organizations
Additional Resources
Community Collaborations Works in Progress

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